Shanghai Hermzi Fashion Co., Ltd was founded in 2011, we focused on design and sale woven outerwear, sampling and bulk production, main products including down jacket, and padding jacket, casual and wind jacket, coat and son woven outerwear for women, children, and men, In 2016 we open our own factory  which named Hermzi Handan Fashion Co., Ltd.  The factory located in Hebei province, Handan city, Feng Feng District Economic Development Zone, new equipment manufacturing Park zone A. the location is very convenience: 30 km away to Handan airport, 50 km away to Handan high speed railway station, 500 km away to Tianjin port.


    Factory total invest 150 million RMB with area of 34000 square meters, consists of over 800 employees and 20 production lines, annually produces more than 3 million outwear of different styles.. The factory is equipped with modern high-tech equipment like  high speed parallel sewing machines, two-needle sewing machines, four-thread over lock machines, five-thread over lock machines, computerized buttonhole sewing machine, button sewing machine, computerized knot tying machine, electric cutting machines, charge pile machines, template machine  and other modern advanced sewing machine total more than 800 sets, also with CAD pattern making machine and ERP production management systems.


    The factory and company use modern, professional, holistic methods of management and production. Based on a wide range of clients, the concept of stylish design, professional technical team, mainly produces men's, women's and children's jackets, down jackets, parkas, coats and other types of outerwear. The main partner and clients from Europe, Italy, France, UK, Denmark, Sweden, USA, Canada, Kazakhstan, Russia and Central Asian countries with a cold climate. 


    The staff of our company only highly qualified staff with professional education and extensive experience. Employees have extensive knowledge in the field of design, production, management and international trade etc. the Company provides professional service, individual approach to each client. Through continuous innovation, we have won the trust of many consumers both within the country and abroad, Also accept OEM/ODM/OBM orders.

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